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Shawnee trail association: Moccasin Mail

Another Viewpoint on the origins of the name Kanawha

by Dale Carroll

Hello, My friends

After reading my Delaware brother Chingwe's  origin of the name Kanawha, I felt compelled to write another version of this story.

First a little Shawnee pronunciation lesson:
i as in weed
a as in papa
a as in boat
e as in may

' a glottal stop. This is the sound that occurs in the middle of the English
expression "huh - uh"

Now on to the word Kanawha.

Kenawa…meaning having whirlpools or swallowing up. It was believed that an evil spirit lived in the water which drew substances and/or people to the bottom of the river.In

"Specimen of Shawanoese and Wyandott or Huron Language", recorded
by Colonel John Johnson, he cites Ken, a, wa- a Shawnee word- with this

There was no distinguishing between the Big nor Little Kanawha as there is between the Great Miami - Shi, me, a ,ee, sepi or Great Miami and the Little Miamie - Che, ke, me, a, mee, sepi.

If anyone would like more information on my comments they can write me at this address:

Dale Carroll
P.O. Box 179
Kistler, W.Va. 25628

or stop by the Blue Trailer behind the Buffalo Creek memorial at Kistler

Good Day for a Shoot

he Shawnee Trail Association sponsored an informal shoot on Saturday Feb. 26th at the Big Ugly Shooting Range. It was a perfect day to shoot. The turn out was slim but we managed to have a good time anyway. It was a very relaxing time just to shoot, talk , and break ramrods. Clarence got a chance to shoot a new .45 he has been working on. I got a chance to sight in my .54 and Mike continued to shoot his .50 well. He even got Wendy to shoot once. She didn't shout "shazam! " after

wards though. Brenda did the most shooting but that was with her camera. She did get to try out her new atl-atl.
Some young men were there shooting modern guns and it wasn't long before they quit shooting and began watching us shoot our flintlocks. We had an opportunity to demonstrate how flintlocks work. A couple of the guys fired the guns and seemed to be hooked.
I would like to plan another shoot sometime soon especially with the weather starting to warm up. Big Ugly is kind of out of the way and we talked about finding somewhere else to shoot.  If you have some place that may work let us know. We would like to find a place that is not so out-of-the-way and where we can put up a couple of shooting benches.

Until next time. Keep yer powder dry and yer flint sharp!

Ron "One Mocc" Smith


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