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Shawnee trail association: Moccasin Mail

Native Languages Workshop Held

n Saturday, February 12th, Shawnee Trail Association
members were invited to Fort Randolph near Point Pleasant,West Virginia, to attend a workshop presented by Doug Wood, Ron McAllister and R. J. Reitmire on Native American Languages.

The program was well attended. Shawnee Trail members and associates attending were: Dan Cutler and his daughter Chrissy, Lori Steele, Melissa Frye and Brenda Hager. Both Doug Wood and Dianne Anestia as well as Ron McAllister are associate members.

The day was spent learning about the languages of the Delaware, Shawnee and Cherokee. A visit about the compound and structures at Fort Randolph and to the Battle Monument, better known as
Tuendawie, highlighted the day.

To see some visuals from the day visit:
Click here!

Langva's Links

ome of our members may remember a few items from Ron Moxley's talk about some personages that were important in our area. There are a number of resources on the internet to gather information about ancestors and contemporaries that lived in the Greenbrier area and "western Virginia counties" during our period. Here's a couple of websites to start off...
who knows, you may find a relative! - One of the starting off point for finding ancestors. This site is organized by state and contains links in

each state to resources on the web and member's own sites. There's a number of really good Virginia sites. - LOST ANCESTORS OF VIRGINIA, MARYLAND, and KENTUCKY - The definitive Revolutionary / French Indian War resource site. The webmaster, Michael Means, has gathered a large selection of links to re-enactor's groups and events. A very neat site that broadens your horizons of what others are doing.


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