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Moccasin Mail

From the President....continued

kay…ladies you can go ewwwww now. Does this remind us of some evenings on the trail!!?? :c)

Hope your spring is going well and I hope you all enjoy this issue of the Shawnee Trail Association Newsletter. Ron Smith has does a great job of organizing it and putting it together.

Just a reminder that as things become hectic this spring and we all undertake tasks we'd sometimes rather not, it's still important that we attempt to make the meetings of the Association and the events that are planned. Especially things like the workshops and workdays.
There will be some growing pains as the trail membership grows and as new ideas surface. That's very normal and very welcome. But we have to remember that we also have obligations now to maintain what was started some years ago by some very foresighted individuals.

We have another workday coming up for repairs at the cabin. Please do try to make it. And the first Monday of each month we have our regular meeting at the 911 center in Logan at 7:00 p.m. Those meetings are for our edification. It keeps us informed AND it helps us grow in
knowledge as each session will include a presentation that gives us the opportunity to learn more about the people and time period that we spend each October portraying.

Come enjoy! The friendship, the camaraderie and the common interest and goals of members of the STA.

Hope to see you there.

STA President


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