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February 7, 2000

Volume 1, Issue 1

himself. "Well, Folks. Lemme tell you a tale." He begins as he rests an elbow on his knee. "T'aint never seen the likes of this befur."                                      He shakes his head and points towards the nearby woods. "It started right thar' on that thar' trail. With some menfolk who called themselves TheShawnee Trail Association."
He straightens up and wipes the back of his hand across his lips before continuing. "Now, when they first started this…this… 'trail'… they  wus all jest larn'in. It took em  a while to get things polished to whut you see today. But t' wern't easy. They's had to work real hard to make sure the land was ready for all them travelers that they knew would be comin' through these parts. And come they did! In herds and droves they came!" The old gentleman reached his hands out to his sides as if describing some magnificent beast as his excitement about his subject grew. "Soon more came. And it got bigger and bigger! And they even brought wimmen in! Wimmen, mind you!" He stops and takes a deep breath to calm himself down.He shakes his head slowly and rests his hands on his legs."I tell you, I ain't seen nuthin like it."

In the Beginning....

Who were the Shawnee?
An algonquian people who were noted  historically for their extensive migrations and a formidable resistance to Euro-American expansion into the Ohio Valley. Their name, which translates loosely to "southerner" were dislodged from the Ohio and Cumberland Valleys by Iroquois raids. By 1730, after a period of dispersal, they had regrouped mostly in western Pennsylvania. Seeking better
game and freedom from English and Iroquois interference, they withdrew down the Ohio, reclaiming
territory they had held almost a century before.

The grizzly ole codger ambles up to the small log and eases himself gingerly down onto it's side. Taking his pipe from his mouth he purses his lips together before chuckling softly to


Thanks for indulging me in my storytelling whimsy.The Shawnee Trail Association has indeed gone through a metamorphosis in the past few months. Our members and associate lists now total well over 80 names. It all started with the dreams of a few men to bring history alive and has branched into a community effort that links us through a common appreciation of history and through the heart as friends. We hope you enjoy this newsletter. It's only one of the many new features the Trail Association will be sporting in the upcoming months. Many thanks to the newsletter committee and the contributors for this issue. I think they've done a great job! I

look forward to seeing all of you at our upcoming meetings. And until then…on  with the journey.

God's speed,

Brenda Hager
Shawnee Trail Association President