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Shawnee Trail Personas

People you may meet along your journey


People you may meet along the way:

Simon Kenton aka Simon Butler. A widely renown and respected mountain

man who took the name of Simon Butler when he mistakenly thought he had

killed someone in a fight. He will be the first person you encounter on your journey.

The gunsmith: An important asset to have in a community. He would be the

person to turn to for new weaponry. Remember that everything he made

would have been constructed by hand.

The fur trader: Furs were an important commodity in the frontier.

A trader was sometimes also the person most acquainted with the

native American tribes and villages, having often formed personal

friendships with them.

The blacksmith: Responsible for making and repairing all their cast

iron and metal works. His job was very physical and demanding.

The flint knapper: Arrows and spears were important hunting and

defense tools for the native americans before they made trades with

the French and British for flintlock guns.

The candle maker: Candles were the way frontiers people illuminated

their homes at night. The candles were time consuming to make

and so were used sparingly.

You might also hear music from the period, see games the children

played and become more familiar with frontier foods.