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Just For Teachers

To help insure that your students achieve the best experience from their visit to the Shawnee Trail, we are providing some information about the period and activities that they might see. Hopefully by reviewing this information with your students it will enhance their visit.

If you require more information on the Shawnee Trail or the activities there, please contact us at:

Shawnee Trail Lesson Plan Links

The Lives and Times Of Ben Franklin
Information and suggested websites on the life of the man.
The Flintlock Gun
Difference between the flintlock and percussion lock guns.
Soap Making
Longer version for Middle School age students.
Soap Making
Shorter version, best suited for Elementary students.
How a flintlock gun might have been constructed.
Games of the Colonial Period
How games and music intertwine.
Colonial Games
More on colonial games.
Colonial Music
More on colonial music
Suggested Activities
Activities and Online resources for classroom enhancement.