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Moccasin Mail

I can't believe it's trail time already. Thanks for all the hard work and dedication from those who have helped out so much over the past year. We have accomplished alot in the past ten months.  One of the goals that was set by the executive committee at the end of last year's trail was to come up with a list of guidelines to help out the new folks just starting and to keep the rest of us on the right track as far as        authenticity of our camp, personae, and accouterments. That goal was achieved.

Copies were distributed to members at our last meeting. If you need one please let me know. We realize not everyone is completely authentic but it gives us all something to work towards.

As things get hectic next week I hope we all keep in mind what the most valuable resource of our trail is. It's people. You are all such important assets to our group. Thank you so much for all your time this year. You *ARE* appreciated.
See you in camp!!!!!!!
:c) Brenda