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Shawnee Trail Associates: Moccasin Mail

Fixing Good Campfire Coffee

Upcoming  Events by Ron Smith

Some events at Prickett's Fort
April 7 - 9: The School of the LonghunterAn intense weekend of instruction in the frontier skills of thelonghunter.Prominent national and local speakers will explore the influences and impact of native American culture on European settlers. This event is by reservation only.
June 23 - 25: School of the Good Wyfe An intense weekend of instruction exploring the role of women on theearlyAmerican frontier. The School of the Good Wyfe is a school of instruction on 18th century frontier skills and will focus exclusively on the role inNorth American society from 1750 - 1790.By reservation only!
October 20 - 22: The Ohio Valley - Eastern Woodland Indian SeminarAn intense weekend of instruction will examine aspects of the cultural development of the Eastern Woodland Indian in the Ohio River Valley.Prominent national and local speakers will explore this vital period of history from 1690-1790.
October 26 - 29: Fall 18th Century

You can find out information about these and other fort events online @'s.htm

Other events
April 26-30
18th century Market Fair Historic Fort Frederick, Big Pool, MD Check out the flyer online
Feb. 12th 
Native tongues workshop Fort Randolph in Point Pleasants.Doug Woods presenter Delaware, Shawnee and Cherokee. Workshop will last from 10am to 4pm
May 13-14 Kanawha Rangers - Kanawha State Forest Frontier Days 18th century period Dress.
If you know of any events our members may be interested in, please call or email me at

There are no secrets to good campfire coffee You need to start out with a large coffee pot filled with water a little more than 3/4 of the way full. Put in a handful or so of ground coffee. Put coffeepot over fire and heat to boiling. Allow to boil for a few minutes. Remove from fire and add a cup of cold water. The cold water will cause the grounds to settle to the bottom. The first cup will have some grounds in it. The trick is to get someone else to take that first cup.

Upcoming Events Sponsored by STA

March 11th(Saturday) - 10 a.m. -Native Legend and Lore at the old Stollings Grade School. Presenters: Doug Wood and Dan Cutler. Followed by a cover dish lunch at 1:00 p.m. Trade faire - Trade or sell your extra items

Shawnee Trail Associates Meeting Dates

Feb. 7th; March 6th; April 3rd; May 1st All at 7:00 p.m. and at the 911 Center in Logan unless otherwise announced

Feb. 26th (Saturday) - Noon, Blackpowder shoot,  Big Ugly Shooting Range, everyone welcome whether you have a gun or not. This is a good time

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