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The Shawnee Trail Association
Moccasin Mail

Native American Seminar

"Native Legend and Lore"

Our trail association is growing in leaps and bounds.
Sometimes it's hard to keep up with the number of people
that we now have involved. Below is a list of members
and associates. Please check over the names and if there
are others you know we should add, let me know ASAP
and we'll get them involved. I still need addresses for J.J. Baldwin,
George Hill, Regina Hensley, Josh Keyser, Ed White and Justin Spence.

Shawnee Trail Association Members

Adams, Ron
Baisden, Bruce
Baldwin, J.J.
Carroll, Bonnie

From the President

he crotchety old buckskinner walked slowly outside and looked up
towards the sky. His eyes squinted until they resembled two small slits in his oval face.

"Tarnation! I can't believe it's time!" He muttered to himself, his voice
heavy with disbelief.

He scratched idly at his scraggly beard. "I could've sworn I had a few more weeks left."  The old hermit lowered his eyes to

the ground and shook his  head as he began moving away from the cabin that had been his haven all through these long winter months. His walk was slow and
methodical, his steps showing the dread in his heart of what he knew was to come. Guess there's no putting it off." He stood and looked about the  compound that surrounded his oasis. He sadly turned and made his way back into the cabin knowing that there was no chance to put this off.
It was time for his yearly bath.
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