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Shawnee trail association: Moccasin Mail

STA Upcoming Events

Carroll, Delbert Jr.
Casey, Tony
Cook, Sarah
Cragio, Clarence
Cutler, Dan
Ferrell, Craig
Fillinger, Rhine
Gore, Andrew
Gore, Emil Jr.
Gore, Jeannie
Guy, Jim
Guy, Kathy
Hager, Brenda
Hall, Regina
Hensley, Regina
Hill, George
Hylton, Gary
Hylton, Joyce
Langva, Fred
Jane Langva
Long, Judy
Miller, Bob
Miller, Tia
Mills, Betsy
Mounts, Carlene
Mounts, Charlie
Moxley, Ron
Podunavac, Kyle
Podunavac, Wendy
Scott, Phyllis
Smith, Ron
Smith, Libby
Sparks, Alan
Sparks, Teresa
Suter, Ruby
Toler, Ronnie
Tweed, Tim
Watson, Kathy
White, Ed
Williams, Mike
Williams, Wendy

Shawnee Trail Association Associates Members List

Alberts, Sara
Anestis, Dianne
Artist, Tommy
Bartlow, Samantha
Bradley, Ray
Chapman, Melanie
Chapman, Steve
Combs, Brooke
Conley, Israel

Upcoming Events

Prickett's Fort Events:

April 7-9: School of the Longhunter
June 23-25: School of the Goodwyfe
October 20-22: Ohio Valley-Eastern Woodland Indian Seminar
October 26-29: Fall 18th Century Rendezvous

Fort Frederick

April 26-30: 18th  Century Market Fair

Kanawha Rangers

May 13-14: Kanawha State Forest Frontier Days.

Carter County Freetrappers

May 10-19: Grayson,KY. The event is an invitation to all re-enactors that portray the time period from 1750-1840 in American history.  Contact Lori Steele for more information.

Heritage Day at Scott High

April 19th: Demonstrations for high school students. Contact Ron Smith for information.

Shawnee Trail Association Monthly Meeting Dates : April 3rd and May 1st. 7 pm at the 911 Center in Logan. All members and associates are urged to attend so your voice can be heard.

Trail Dates Set
The Shawnee Trail will run on the following schedule this year.

Set up: Sat. Sept. 30 and Sun. Oct. 1

Trail: Oct. 2nd- 6th for school groups by appt.

Oct. 7th & 8th open to public

Guidelines for Submitting Articles

he Shawnee Trail Newsletter is for all of you. We welcome the exchange of ideas and comments in its contents. Persons submitting articles are asked to make certain that you include bibliographies giving reference to the sources of your information. This allows others to ascertain the basis of your viewpoint. Sources should be readily and freely available for people to refer to. If you fail to provide this expect that your

article will be edited or not used until those sources are notated.

Remembering that history is never simply black and white and that none of us where around then (cept…well….never mind :c) we all have to be detectives in discovering what actually happened in the past. None of us have the key. So bring them on, folks! Let's have your comments and your letters!


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